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Ticket Type Advance
available until 5 September
Onsite Action
1 Day IFA Ticket
Access granted to any 1 day of the event
55,00 € 65,00 € Add to basket
2 Day IFA Ticket
Access granted on any 2 days of the event
80,00 € 95,00 € Add to basket
5 Day IFA Ticket
Access granted to all 5 days of the event
110,00 € 125,00 € Add to basket
Global Markets
Global Markets only ticket is FREE but grants no access to IFA
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You can access the show on any of the 5 days, you do not have to visit on consecutive days.

IFA Tickets
Ticket is valid for any day of choice / any two days of choice / all five days
Complimentary entry to Global Markets (all three days)
Tickets will be available for print and as mobile QR code
Global Markets
Free entry to Global Markets on all three days
Global Markets ticket by itself grants no access to IFA
Added automatically with every IFA ticket purchase

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